Changing the world of Work

A developer friendly solution for organizations to onboard and vet contractors and employees with background checks, meet regulatory requirements, including health & safety, and manage certifications, licenses and company policies.

Control your liability

Tailor your compliance program requirements to your specific needs and industry and confidently manage your compliance requirements from a single dashboard.

Contractor and employee onboarding at scale

Let us vet your new hires to ensure they are who they say they are. Build trust, save time and money by focusing on delivering your core value to your customers instead of building in house capabilities.

Contractor prequalification

Ensure contractor is reputable and can complete contracted work. Reduce insurance premiums, project delays, cost overruns and mitigate safety risks.

Compliance and health & safety programs

Automatically manage customizable compliance programs and monitor compliance status from one simple view. Meet legal requirements to avoid accidents, major fines and in severe cases jail time

Liability mitigation

Be certain workers are fully insured and compliant when stepping onto the job site. Unlicensed or uninsured workers causing damage can result in full liability for the resulting cost.

Multi jurisdictional skilled workforce

Manage your workforce across multiple jurisdictions with different licensing requirements. Scale your operation to new jurisdictions with confidence that your are meeting local requirements.

Employee & contractor identity and credential verification

Ensure workers and low trust contractors are licensed to perform duties and work on site. Proactively avoid lawsuits and serious reputational damage caused by unlicensed workers

Reduce audit & legal risk

Proof of documentation and due diligence during legal action. Improve your compliance posture and prevent further cost by ending lengthy investigation or shifting liability.

Systems integration

Our developer API makes it easy to transfer compliance status data to other systems in your tech stack or integrate directly into your app. Save investment dollars and vital resources by integrating with our simple standardized API.

Sectors we serve

Compliance made easy

Customize your compliance program with a click. Add or remove features, localizations or requirements with our made to order Entuitive interface.

Compliance Dashboard

Manage your entire compliance program at a glance in real time

Identity Verification

Including background checks, credit checks, employment verification, drivers record checks, reference checks

Customizable compliance programs & workflows

Tailor your compliance program to your specific needs at a click of a button

Automated requalification

Proactive notification to contractors save time and maintain compliance

Auditable compliance document tracking

Fully auditable document tracking with modification history and timestamps

Custom eSignature policies

Incorporate your own internal policies into your compliance program by simply loading a document

Credential Verification

Verify contractor and employee credentials manually or automatically

Mobile badging

Verify the identities of your contractors and ensure they are certified to be on site

Developer API

Focus on your core value props and let us take care of contractor onboarding and trust


Our software is easy to use and intuitively designed from the start, without any training or guidance. To ensure that your team gets up to speed as quickly as possible, we are always happy to arrange free training and support sessions with you and your workforce.

You can choose to pay monthly or annually.